Not By Blood
(by Greywolf Lupous
Ace and Cosmo's friendship is put to the test when Ace takes in a ten year old boy.

The Beasts Within
(by Greywolf Lupous)
An old enemy from Ace's past comes back to haunt him.

An Unfortunate Twist Part One
(by Vanessah April)
A series of bad events lead to only one suspect -- someone from Cosmo's horrifying past.

(by Shawna LaDelpha)
Cosmo and Vega's daughter Breanna begin gaming at a new Virtual Reality Arcade downtown, but the fantasies they play are seeming to become reality.

Perhaps Love
(by Frances Marshall)
Cosmo runs away when he thinks he's become a danger to Ace. But with the help of one of Cosmo's friends, they both discover what's really important.

A Magician Always Has an Ace Up His Sleeve
(by Hawkeye)
Ace thinks that Cosmo is killed during one of his tricks, and decides to give up magic, until...

Confrontation, Conversation and Choice
(by Frances Marshall)
Marshall takes a visit to the Police Station after a small incident in the DNA Casino.

The Gift
(by Frances Marshall)
Mona receives a gift in a way she never would have expected.

Revenge is a Wild King of Justice
(by Birgit Staebler)
Ace is lured into a deadly confrontation from a  past rival.

All the Things Unsaid
(by Birgit Staebler)
A missing scene from "Twin Brothers."

(by Birgit Staebler)
A missing scene to "All Against One."

(by Birgit Staebler)
A missing scene to "Virtual Fatality."

(by Birgit Staebler)
A tag to "Cold Sweat."

For the Love of Another
(by Laurie Petrotta and Shawna LaDelpha)
A great collaboration effort by two of Diamond (the cutest henchguy on TV)'s biggest fans, that once you read it, you'll never look at him the same way again.

The Hawk and the Magician
(by Frances Marshall)
After Marshall suffers from an accident near the Express, Ace comes to a few conclusions of his own.

Forgiving Promises
(by Laurie Petrotta and Shawna LaDelpha)
Kay has something important to tell Matt, but can't seem to find the chance.

The Phoenix: One Vision
(by Greywolf Lupous
From the ashes emerge another, a new hope, a new chance... A Highlander/The Magician crossover.

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