Ace Cooper - The greatest Magician in the world, and Electro City's self-appointed defender. He's a darling of the media, an annoyance to the Chief of Police, a thorn in the side for criminals, and a hero to most everyone. He uses his magic to defend himself and his friends, and to catch any stray bad guys along the way. He has caught the eyes of many ladies, including Mona, Ava Sherone, Yokiko, Nausica, and just about any other female in the series. Cosmo - Cosmo is my favorite character out of the entire series, probabley closely followed by Ace himself. It's strange but he reminds me of Richie Ryan, the 'sidekick' of Highlander: The Series. Mostly it's his attitude I think. He has a seemingly natural apptitude for electronics, running most of Ace's shows behind the curtains. His hot temper, curiosity, and teenager bravado has gotten him into trouble on more than one occassion, usually having to have Ace bail him out.
Liutenant Vega - Vega is one of Ace's oldest and best friends. He finds himself having to help the magician out of sticky situations with the Chief of Police, he's even been fired once trying to defend Ace. Nevertheless, he stands by Ace like a true friend. Zina - She is Ace's mascot and trademark. As his personal pet, she roams the Magic-Express freely, and is seen helping him out every now and then. She is an excellent tracker, as Vega has pointed out once, able to follow most scents like a bloodhound. She is very loyal to Ace, and very protective of him and anyone he cares about.
Mona - Ace's childhood sweetheart, and Black Jack's only daughter. She is a very successful singer, and has even won a Golden Voice Award. She apparently has mixed feelings about Ace, she holds an old grudge with him, but at the same time loves him. Very obviously her father doesn't approve of her relationship with Ace, but that hasn't stopped her in the slightest. Black Jack - Also known as Jack Malone, he is the main villain of the series, and even though he is usually the main source of trouble in the city, either from hiring deadly assasins to sabotaging movie sets, he has never been convicted of anything. He is confined to a wheelchair due to his frail health, which seems to have made him bitter about the world. The true joys of his life are his daughter Mona, and all the chaos he wreaks upon the city.

Captain Freidrichs - Vega's commanding officer,  and maybe the biggest annoyance to Ace (and me :P). He seems always ready to blame Ace, who, very innocently and unintentionally most of the time, seems to get involved in Electro City's main crimes. Senator Dobbs - Head of city counsel, and just as corrupt as the rest of the city. He was accused of embezzling funds from a park, but was never convicted of anything.
No picture available yet Spade - One of Black Jack's personal body guards, he's been with him since he was a small time crook. He is never seen without his partner Diamond. No picture available Diamond - Spade's partner, and Black Jack's other personal body guard. He appears to have more intellect and is a bit less bungling than Spade, but, in my personal opinion, they're one short of  three stooges.
No picture available yet Sonnyboy - Another crimeboss in Electro City, although he's not quite as vengeful as Black Jack, he certainly is annoying. He will do anything to earn himself more power or earn more money. Who cares if it's legal? No picture available yet Faceless - A deadly assasin originally hired by Black Jack, she's now freelance, and is probably Ace's biggest pain. She is highly trained in martial arts, and obviously has access to highly developed technology (see Stealth Robber to see what I mean exactly.) She hates Ace with dying passion.
No picture available yet Cyber - The prototype for a line of robot policemen, and part of the Trojan Horse plan. He went on the fritz after he was accused of being part of the scandal, and nearly killed Cosmo. He was later repogrammed, by Cosmo (he's got a soft spot for robotics... well, I find it cute) and helped him and Ace take down the other renegade robots. He's now a gardener for the Police Station... don't ask. No picture available yet ??? Cooper - Ace's twin brother, I honestly didn't ever hear them mention his name during the entire episode. He one day waltzed in on Ace's life, poisoning the Magician, and was able to fool everyone into thinking he was really Ace, except for Mona. Although he looks exactly like him now, he had to undergo plastic surgery to get his nose identical to Ace's. (the main way to tell them apart is that he is always sniffling and wiping his nose.)
No picture available yet Raptor XII - The opponent in an age restricted virtual game, he was accidently brought to this plane of reality when an electrical surge hit the Express while Cosmo was playing the game. He went on a rampage through the city, searching for "Major" (Cosmo's alias when in cyberspace). Ace and Cosmo were able to return him to VR after many holograms of Ace caused him to shortcircuit.

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